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Quit Killing Kids

Cigarettes are the means of distribution and consumption of an addictive drug called nicotine and they kill 400,000 people a year. I gained 50 pounds when I stopped smoking, so I can attest that it is hard to give ’em up. If you don’t smoke, then try to understand that kicking the habit is such a heavy load that some of our smartest and strongest neighbors just cannot do it.

Seal a Deal or Heal for Real?

Hoping to finalize his signature domestic policy initiative before he delivers his first State of the Union address in a few short weeks, President Barack Obama sat down with top Democratic leaders from Capitol Hill at the White House on Wednesday.

The Anointed Con

By James Devine I intended to title this article, ‘The Anointed One,’ but a typo offered a much smarter name to go identify with the GOP establishment’s purpose behind its intended coronation. I thought the argument of inevitability was ridiculous…

Does Marriage Need Saving?

 By James J. Devine Divorce and adultery are severe threats to the institution of marriage, as well as to the ‘nuclear family’ we once believed was ‘normal’ in America. A group based in New Jersey called the National Organization for…