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Scams, Schemes and Frauds: Six Reasons We Fall for Them

The saying goes: “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Whether it’s a religious sighting, the latest diet or gadget that promises fast weight loss, the newest real estate get rich approach, a charity fundraising effort, or a sweepstakes prize, it’s not surprising that so many of us fall for scams, schemes and frauds. It’s only human nature.

Beware “Instant” Tax Refunds

ELIZABETH—In a recent enforcement sweep conducted with state officials, the Union County Division of Consumer Affairs inspected 70 businesses in the county that advertised “same-day” tax refunds. Six were later cited for failing to disclose that the advertised service was…

Officials Warn Of Lottery Scam

TRENTON—The New Jersey Lottery announced that it is investigating several reports of altered tickets that have cropped up throughout the state in recent days, one of which was recently featured in a local news story. The alleged scammer tells potential…