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Sleaze Survives in the Soprano State

by James J. Devine
A scandal triggered by abortion, charity improprieties and a gross abuse of power has apparently ended after five years, leaving a political career virtually unblemished while utterly destroying a woman’s life and costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

Ethics Panel Investigating Cryan

STATE—The Joint Legislative Committee on Ethical Standards voted unanimously Tuesday to pursue an investigation into allegations that Assemblyman Joseph Cryan abused his office by having legislative staff perform tasks related to his non-government post as state Democratic Party chairman for…

‘Bravo’ To Monmouth CountyDemocrats

by James J. Devine Last week, I reported that Assemblyman Joseph Cryan is abusing his legislative office by having government staff perform work related to his capacity as state Democratic Party chairman. Freeholder John D’Amico Jr. said communication with the…