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Michael Puzio condemns “racial pandering”

The three mayoral candidates vying for support in the June 3 primary election are 5th Ward Councilwoman Rhashonna Cosby-Hurling, 7th Ward Democratic District Leader Michael Puzio and Councilman Derek Armstead.

LINDEN — Democratic mayoral candidate Michael Puzio condemned what he called “racial pandering” among city politicians and party bosses. “I felt compelled to become a mayoral candidate because I saw what looks like a race to the bottom, with party boss Chris Hudak…

New Leader Hopes To Unify Linden Democrats

LINDEN – Former Councilman Charles Crane narrowly won election as Linden’s Democratic Party chairman last week. He defeated councilmen Derek Armstead and Eugene Davis, who also sought the post which became vacant when Edward Kologi stepped down in June.