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NJ Residents Still Unaware Of Sandy Recovery Firm Bypassing Regulations

STATE – According to a Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press Poll, more than two-thirds of New Jersey residents haven’t heard about the Christie administration’s decision to award a multi-million contract for disaster cleanup to a politically connected Florida-based firm, which then donated $50,000 to a Republican organization that backed Gov. Chris Christie’s 2009 election campaign.

Writer’s Block: Back Away From That Donut

Late night comedians, such as David Letterman, know that the sure way to hit the jackpot in ratings is to make fun of Governor Christie’s weight. A surer bet for high ratings is to have the Governor himself come on your show while you do this to him in person. Considering his short fuse and bluster, Chris Christie is surprisingly a good sport about it all. And that’s the problem. Why can’t our governor just lose some weight?

New Jersey Democrats In Trouble

By Michael M. Shapiro New Jersey Democrats are basking in the glory of a solid national Democratic showing; however, closer to home, the prospects for this coming election are currently not looking rosy. They have good reason to be concerned.…

Toss Up: Corzine or Christie?

By Michael M. Shapiro Gov. Corzine may have an upside down 40%-51% approval rating; however, he is still in a dead heat with current United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey, Chris Christie, in a hypothetical matchup for…