State Theatre Presents Salute To Vienna New Year’s Concert

NEW BRUNSWICK – The State Theatre will present a New Year’s concert on Friday, Dec. 31, at 6 p.m. Salute To Vienna features a cast of over 75 musicians, European singers and dancers including The Strauss Symphony of America, led by European maestro Klaus Arp; Polish soprano Katarzyna Dondalska; Hungarian tenor Dániel Vadász; and members of the Kiev-Aniko Ballet of Ukraine.

Remembering The Past: South Amboy Christmas Memories

SOUTH AMBOY-In December 1902, the Dr. A.L. Bright Drug Store, which was on Broadway, sold Vantine’s perfume in beautiful holiday packages. They also had Lunborg and Palmer’s perfumes, manicure sets, softly razors, and fountain pens. They sold Whitman’s and Roselle Vogue chocolates, a full line of Christmas and New Year cards, and booklets. Christmas seals were sold for 25 cents for five.