Unico Plans Third Annual Italian American Feast

CLARK—The Clark chapter of Unico will host the third annual Italian American feast this fall. The event will be held for three days during the Columbus Day weekend, Oct. 9-11, in the parking lot on the recreation side of the municipal building and also in front of the tennis courts.

Corzine Failed To Deliver

As a senior citizen living on a fixed income, the past eight years of McGreevey and Corzine have taken its toll on my ability to live comfortably. My property taxes keep going up, food and clothing cost more, and just making ends meet gets more and more difficult. Democrats in Trenton keep raising taxes and spending money we don’t have, and driving businesses out of the state.

Christie Will Fight Against Corruption

As a senior citizen, I’ve seen plenty of political corruption over the years. But I can’t ever recall a time when corruption seemed so institutionalized and entrenched as in the past eight years of McGreevey, Corzine and Democratic control in Trenton.