Business Community Plans Summit On Nursing Crisis

MONROE—Health care coverage for employees and their families is the biggest cost driver in business today. The impending nursing crisis will further increase health care costs while lowering quality of care. More mistakes will be made during hospital stays – resulting in longer and costlier stays.

Back To School Bash

EDISON—The Helping Hands/Peppermint Tree Schools will be hosting a free end of summer carnival on Aug. 28 from 2-8 p.m. at their 1059 Amboy Avenue, Edison location.

America And The Health Care Debate

Is it just me, or did combing your hair become optional when going out in public? I’ve been watching news clips of these town hall free-for-alls and we have definitely become a nation of tired, poor, and huddled masses clearly tempest-tossed, but without access to a good beauty salon. Universal Hygiene – now that is something I could get behind.