Officials Say Universal Transfer Form Will Improve Patient Safety

STATE — When a nursing home patient is transported to a hospital or a patient returns to an assisted living facility, a real time clinical record—including vital signs, diagnosis, medications, allergies and respiratory needs—will travel with the patient on a one page standardized form that 1,900 licensed health care facilities in New Jersey are required to use on Oct. 30.

Rahway Scouts Begin A New Year

RAHWAY – On Friday, Sept. 30, there was a merging of Rahways two surviving Cub Scout packs, Pack 47 and Pack 200. The two packs came together at First Presbyterian Church on Grand Avenue in Rahway to combine their talents and resources for an informative night of recruitment.

21st Century Learning

EDISON — Tenth grade students in Allyson Schieve’s writing lab at The Wardlaw-Hartridge School in Edison used the new media:scape technology in the Upper Snowdon library to participate in a group activity where they discussed the nuances of each form of writing.