Remembering The Past: Metuchen’s Past

METUCHEN-Past businesses from various years: China House Chinese Restaurant; Rt 27, Costa Cottage, Dixie Bell Inn; Rt No. 25, L & S Store,
Lawler Company; machinery for chemical mining, paint and ceramics, Metuchen Beauty Parlor in Main St., Metuchen Center, Metuchen Food Market; Rt 27 and Richmond Radiator Co.

Happy Birthday, Peace Corps!

By David Santulli Dear Peace Corps — It’s been 50 years since the idea of you was born during a speech by JFK at the University of Michigan.  It’s been a wonderful life – and now is the time to…

TSA Intrusion Is One Price of Empire

How gratifying to see Americans increasingly angry at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for using offensive full-body scans and frisks in its latest production of what security expert Bruce Schneier calls “security theater.”