MVC Chief Authorizes Extensions For Active Duty Military

TRENTON – New Jersey residents who are active duty military personnel serving in the war on terrorism, including the National Guard and Military Reserves, will continue to receive automatic extensions of valid driver license, registration and inspection expiration dates, Motor Vehicle Commission Chief Administrator Raymond P. Martinez announced Monday.

Rare Diabetes Foot Complication Becoming More Common

MONROE — Are you diabetic? You are at risk for a limb-threatening foot condition once rare, but now becoming common in the Northeast. As diabetes rates soar nationwide, a Monmouth County foot and ankle surgeon says he’s seeing more patients with a rare diabetic foot complication, called Charcot foot (pronounced SHAR-co).


Dear EarthTalk: I always thought cotton was eco-friendly, but I recently heard otherwise. What’s so bad about cotton? And where can I find organic cotton clothing? — Jamie Hunter, Twin Falls, ID