Movie Review: “Prometheus” Asks the Burning Question

Director Ridley Scott’s grim sci-fi thriller, “Prometheus,” about a circa 2089 voyage to outer space in search of humankind’s roots, sent me hurtling back a few eons to Professor Halberstoddter’s class at Olde Ivy Film Criticism College, lecture #53, May 19, 1967. The good doctor wanted to give us something to contemplate over the summer hiatus.

Army’s Mishandling Of Afghanistan Police Contract Boosted Costs

As the U.S. military heads for the door in Afghanistan, one of its most important tasks is to train Afghan police to take control of the nation’s security. But a billion-dollar Afghan police training contract, now being administered by the Army, has encountered some troubles, according to a new report by the Defense Department’s Inspector General’s office.