With Lily Pads Gone, Time To Fish And Kayak On Lake Surprise

UNION COUNTY—It’s been years, but Lake Surprise looks like a lake again.
The 24-acre lake, nestled in Union County’s Watchung Reservation, was dredged and cleared in 2000. But within the first few years, the lily pads, a species called Spatterdock, quickly retook the water’s surface. And as they did, it made fishing and boating increasingly difficult.

The Power Of One

RAHWAY—Students at Franklin School in Rahway recently attended an assembly on bullying. The assembly titled “The Power of One” walked students through various situations where they may encounter bullying from the playground to the classroom.

Tips For Holiday Travel With Your Pet

WESTHAMPTON BEACH, N.Y.— The winter holiday season is a time for family and friends to gather, often traveling a great distance to be together. Many families consider pets to be part of their family and choose to take them along. Traveling with pets is not always easy, especially when the family dog or cat experiences fear of travel, or motion sickness.