Dear EarthTalk: Isn’t it a waste that we buy water in plastic bottles when it is basically free out of our taps? Even health food stores, which should know better, sell it like crazy. When did Earth’s most abundant and free natural resource become a commercial ‘beverage’? — A. Jacobs, via e-mail

Elegant Tailgate Party To Help Tackle Child Abuse

NEW BRUNSWICK – Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey is calling citizens across the state to help tackle child abuse at NJ’s Elegant Tailgate Party being held at The New Meadowlands Stadium on May 4, at 6:30pm, to raise funds to end child abuse and support prevention programs across the state.

Writers’ Roundtable Challenge

RAHWAY — Franklin Elementary School in Rahway recently held a “Writers’ Roundtable Challenge”. Students in grades three, four and five were invited to participate in this principal’s writing initiative. They were required to write an essay based on a speculative prompt: A New School Rule.