Church Offers Jesus’ Good News of Acceptance

SCOTCH PLAINS — Jesus loved and spent time with people that society deemed as unacceptable or worthless. Sometimes today people feel like they are outsiders, different or unworthy. Recently the news has highlighted the harsh reality of bullying and hate within our schools and communities.

Kenilworth Students Receive Dictionaries

KENILWORTH – Students in two third grade classes at St. Theresa School in Kenilworth recently received their own student dictionaries, donated with the help of the Kenilworth Rotary Club and presented by Dr. Jay Gilden, DC of Kenilworth.

“…wwmjd (the kid was not His son)…”

I’ll simply start off by saying that…I liked Michael Jackson, especially his early days with the Jackson Five…but, of course, when he passed away, thousands upon thousands of fans came out of the woodwork to celebrate his life and his music…