Tapping The Strategic Oil Reserve Is Bad STRATEGY

As the price of gasoline continues to rise, many politicians and commentators are calling for President Obama to open the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) in an effort to lower national gasoline prices. Their rationale, they believe, is that tapping SPR will lower gasoline prices and stabilize energy markets. Opening SPR would be a foolish move for a number of reasons.

NJ Beach Sweeps Net Record Amount Of Trash

SANDY HOOK – For 25 years, Clean Ocean Action has been organizing Beach Sweeps, where volunteers clean up litter by combing New Jersey’s 127 miles of coastline. In 2010, a record number of volunteers (8,372 citizens) collected more debris than ever (471,321 items).

Clark Police Blotter

April 13 at 5:30 p.m. – In the vicinity of 77 Central Avenue, Officer Brian Renda arrested North Bergen resident Nestor Pachon-Perez on outstanding warrants from Paramus, Passaic and Elizabeth for contempt of court. He was subsequently turned over to the Elizabeth Police Department.

“…roswell tell…”

IT’S OFFICIAL…the other day, on the official F.B.I. website, they finally released a memo “proving” that aliens actually did land in Roswell, New Mexico, back in 1947…