Eye On The Pi

EDISON—Fifth graders at The Wardlaw-Hartridge School in Edison marked “Pi Day,” a celebration of March 14 related to the number that represents a circle’s circumference-to-diameter ratio 3.14, by calculating pi during various activities.

The Hard Sell

Governor Christie laid out his initial budget plan on Tuesday in his typical take-no-prisoners manner. The pain train is rolling down the tracks.

The soft sell has never been part of his repertoire. His message was clear and so was his intent. What is not clear is whether he will be able to sell it to the public…

Governor’s Budget Axe Cuts Deep For Local School Districts

STATE – Local school districts found out just how much state aid they would lose under Gov. Chris Christie’s budget proposal on Thursday. Some suburban districts would see their aid eliminated entirely, while urban districts stand to be the biggest losers in pure dollar value.