Community Leaders Oppose Federal Cuts To Critical Services

MIDDLESEX COUNTY – The federal government must stop the practice of extending temporary budget measures that so far have cut federal aid for critical human services by 15 percent, according to a coalition of government, religious and non-profit leaders who fear they will not be able to continue providing services to people in need if the cuts continue and a permanent budget is not adopted.

Aspirin And Your Heart Health

(NAPSI)—Aspirin, a drug that “thins” the blood, can offer benefits in patients who are at a high risk for cardiovascular disease, including prevention of the formation of blood clots, which could cause a heart attack and stroke.


Dear EarthTalk: The World Bank is often cast in a bad light by green groups and in the press. What are their eco-crimes, and are there any reforms in the making? — J. Bloch, Newark, NJ

Teacher Of The Year

RAHWAY – Rebecca Yedlock, a first grade teacher at Franklin School in Rahway, has been recognized as the school’s teacher of the year. She is pictured here with Rahway Superintendent of Schools Edward Yergalonis (Photo courtesy of Franklin School)