“The Tourist” – Dearth in Venice

Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s “The Tourist,” a big, bountiful cat-and-mouser with hardly hidden aspirations to “Charade” (1963) and “North by Northwest” (1959), is like a fully loaded luxury car. While the overindulgence initially impresses, after a while you long for the engineering and élan of a much more sophisticated ride.

NJ DEP Urges Proper Use Of Woodstoves And Fireplaces

TRENTON — With colder weather taking hold and the official start of winter less than a week away, the state Department of Environmental Protection is urging New Jersey’s residents to be thoughtful of their neighbors when burning wood for heat.

How To Celebrate The Season Without Breaking The Bank

ROSELAND – Whether you’re short on cash this year or not, the holidays don’t have to break the proverbial bank. Sometimes the gifts that are appreciated the most are the ones that are smaller, carry sentimental value, or are simply the gift of time.

Writer’s Block: What Do You Want For Christmas?

Overheard at the mall this weekend: “I want new Uggs for Christmas, Mom, and not those knock-off ones because they’re not good. I could also use a new Coach bag and, oh yeah, a navy blue cashmere sweater. And you could tell Aunt Janice she could get me a gift certificate to Sephora. Okay?”