Heart Association Offers Tips To Prevent Stroke

STATE – Stroke is a scary subject. It’s the third leading cause of death of Americans and the leading cause of death of long-term disability in our country and you may be under the assumption that there’s nothing you can do to prevent or stop a stroke. But that’s not the case.


Dear EarthTalk: Isn’t spray sunscreen a health and environmental nightmare when it seems that more of the sunscreen ends up going up my nose than on the kid at the beach next to me?
— Lillian Robertson, Methuen, MA

Rahway Family Night For ESL Students

RAHWAY — On June 7, at Rahway High School, students who participate in the English as a Second Language (ESL) classes in Rahway Middle School and Rahway High School joined teachers, administrators, parents and siblings to celebrate the year’s accomplishments at a Family Night Program.