Trudi’s Corner: A Fool And His Money…

Last week, I received the A.A.R.P. bulletin in the mail. In most cases, I enjoy the articles and points of information. I’m not interested in well-known celebrities unless they can relate how they overcame adversity and bounced back to a normal lifestyle.

Linden Kids Sharpen Baseball Skills

LINDEN — The Linden Department of Public Property and Community Services recently hosted the Golden Falcon Baseball Camp, under the direction of former NJIT Coach Edward J. Ward, at the Edward Flannagan Little League Complex at Memorial Park.

Writer’s Block: Filthy Rich For Fifteen Minutes

This was my first week off from school since the year ended in June! Ah, yes. No alarm to set and no planning dinner at 5:00 in the morning for the next seven weeks. This is my birthday week, too, and I just know that my husband’s gift to me will surely make Kate Middleton think she married the wrong man.

Back-To-School Checklist For Students With Asthma

BRIDGEVILLE–The start of a new school year is a big transition after the long summer break, especially for families of children with asthma. This back-to-school season, the American Lung Association in New Jersey stresses the importance of preparing and carefully monitoring a detailed action plan to manage asthma and ease the transition to the school environment.

“Horrible Bosses” Deserves No Promotion

I’ve had some horrible bosses. Not quite “can’t wait ‘til they die so I can stomp on their graves” horrible, but horrible enough to be able to relate to the dire quandary best buddies Nick, Dale and Kurt are faced with in director Seth Gordon’s “Horrible Bosses.”