Pro Wrestling Stars To Appear In Little League Benefit

CARTERET — After a hugely successful show in February, the Carteret Little League will once again team up for a pro wrestling fundraiser with National Pro Wrestling Superstars. The event will be held at Carteret’s Divine Mercy/Holy Family Parish Hall, 213 Pershing Avenue, just off Washington and Roosevelt avenues, on Saturday, July 30, at 7:35 p.m.

Trudi’s Corner: Post-Independence Day Reflections

Well, we’ve just experienced another “Glorious Fourth of July.” There were so many wonderful parades and the display of our “grand old flag” and the recognition of what the day commemorates. Sad to say, I noticed that here were no flags flying in front of residences in areas I passed when going to visit someone. Yes, I had one out and I hope that anyone who came my way saw it.