Medicare Payment Board Needs Fixing

Those who opposed the healthcare bill are currently debating whether “repeal and replace” should be the clarion call in the coming election. Regardless of how this debate turns out, those in favor of doing better should focus their immediate attention to identifying and fixing the most harmful parts of the legislation.

Ready Or Not

UNION COUNTY – Political insiders say voters here are not ready for a black sheriff while others point to Barack Obama as evidence that the racial divide has been broken in America.

McCormick Chides Foe

UNION COUNTY – Lisa McCormick, the Democrats for Change candidate on Column B congratulated County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi for emerging from her five year hibernation in time to appear busy before the June 8 primary election.

Mayors For Mitchell

UNION COUNTY – Five prominent leaders – including the mayors of Roselle, Linden and Hillside — have endorsed Democrat Charles Mitchell, who is challenging 33-year incumbent Sheriff Ralph Froehlich in the June 8 primary election.