Remembering The Past: Perth Amboy Memories

PERTH AMBOY-Here are more memories from Gerald Bertekap: “In the 1940s there was a great ice cream store on Smith Street called the Boston Ice Cream Kitchen. The best item on the menu was a dusty road, a banana split with powered malted milk sprinkled on a whipped cream made road on top.

Linden Boxing Night Event Planned

LINDEN – Linden will again host the State Finals of the Diamond Gloves Boxing Tournament this year, Linden Boxing Association President Alfred A. Volpe announced. The 78th annual event, to be held on Oct. 14, will be the “only fight night in Linden this year,” he said.

St. Agnes School Gets Ready For New Year

CLARK During the summer, preparations were underway for the new school year at St. Agnes School in Clark. The school’s cafeteria has been completely renovated, as well as the stage in the auditorium. A brand new gymnasium is being built and some areas of the school received a fresh coat of paint.

“One Day” Seems More Like a Week

Whether it wears on us, wears us out, or we’re just being polite, somewhere along its tortuous path director Lone Scherfig’s “One Day” gains our interest. Or, maybe it’s just that we’ve come this far and are curious to see how things turn out for the couple who, visited each July 15, can’t quite figure out if they are just best friends or something more.