Father And Son Charged With Conspiring To Steal Equity From Struggling Homeowners

Vito Grippo (Photo courtesy of NJ Attorney General's office)

TRENTON –A father and son from New Jersey were charged today in an alleged scheme in which the father promised to rescue homeowners who were facing foreclosure, but instead sold their homes to unwitting investors and conspired with the son to steal $4.5 million from lenders by filing fraudulent mortgage applications in the investors’ names, Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa announced.

Movie Review: “The Master” Commands Attention

The Master, a charismatic, intellectual pontificator ingeniously portrayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman, is full of it. Full of the previous life dogma he’s selling, full of hope for lost souls in search of meaning, and full of himself. He says he’s an M.D. and a Ph.D. Among the things he’s got us wondering is whether or not he believes the stuff he spouts.