PHOTO: Freeholders Support St. John’s Baptist Church Back To School Community Fair

SCOTCH PLAINS — Union Country Freeholder Chairman Alexander Mirabella (2nd R), Vice Chairwoman Freeholder Linda Carter (3rd R), Freeholder Mohamed Jalloh (3rd L) join Sylvia Hicks (L) and Sonia Johnson (R) along with Scotch Plains Mayor Mary DePaola (2nd L) for the Annual St. John’s Baptist Church of Scotch Plains Back to School Community Fair.

OPINION: The Real Mitt Revealed

Romney says 47 percent of Americans don’t pay income taxes. That’s literally true, except it’s misleading because it includes every retiree who hasn’t enough income to pay income taxes (most retirees), every poor and lower-income person who doesn’t have enough income to pay, and a few multi-millionaires (perhaps like Romney himself — we don’t know because he won’t release his tax returns), who don’t pay because of tax loopholes and tax-avoidance schemes.

Photo: Jig Saw Maps

CLARK — Eighth grade students Cristina Colon, Sabrina Parin, Corinne Pencinger and Sarah Dos Santos in Kirstin Bethavas’ social studies class at Carl H. Kumpf Middle School in Clark work together to piece together a map of South America.