Dear EarthTalk: I heard someone say that the environmental benefits of natural gas for electricity generation were overstated and that it is not as green-friendly as the industry would have us believe. What is your take on this? — D. Montcalm, Brewster, NY

Community Access Unlimited Plans 27th Annual Awards Night

ELIZABETH–Community Access Unlimited will host its 27th Annual Awards Night Celebration on Wednesday, April 13, at L’Affaire in Mountainside. The non-profit social services agency provides assistance to people with disabilities and at-risk youth.

Think Twice Before Tapping Retirement Plans

Before the housing crisis, it wasn’t uncommon for people to raid their home-equity piggybanks to pay off bills. Plummeting home values and tougher lending standards helped curb that practice, leading some people to engage in a far more disturbing habit: borrowing or withdrawing money from their retirement accounts to cope with financial hardship.