Remembering The Past: More Woodbridge Memories

WOODBRIDGE-More memories from Ed Wilson: “Woodbridge was a wonderful place to grow up. The town was large enough that it had decent stores, was close to Perth Amboy if you preferred that shopping experience, but was small enough that enough people knew us kids and would call our parents if we misbehaved.

Local Flight School Announces Open House & BBQ

MORRISTOWN — American Flyers Flight School at the Morristown Airport will be hosting an open house and barbecue on Saturday, Sept. 10. This free event is designed to bring those with a curiosity about flying small airplanes to the airport for a fun-filled and informative afternoon.

Willow Grove’s Family-Friendly Worship & Classes Kick Off Sept. 11

SCOTCH PLAINS — Willow Grove Presbyterian Church, will hold its Fall Kick Off and Homecoming on Sunday, Sept. 11. The 10 a.m. worship service will include inspiring music and a sermon to encourage you through the week. On the fourth Sunday of each month, the church’s worship is contemporary in flavor, including multimedia, guitar, keyboard and drums.

“Apollo 18” – Count it Out

Director Gonzalo López-Gallego’s “Apollo 18,” a purported exposé explaining why the U.S. never revisited the moon after Apollo 17, had me miffed. Why is it that folks are forever discovering film footage of a conspiratorial nature, whereas no one ever finds some sort of lost document proving that I am in fact the true heir to a European throne?

Borough Officials & Residents To Attend Carteret 9/11 Ceremony

CARTERET–On Sunday, Sept. 11, at 7 p.m., Mayor Dan Reiman and the Borough Council will be joined by 2007-2008 VFW National Commander in Chief George Lisicki, Freeholder Deputy Director Ronald G. Rios, and an expected 1,000 Carteret residents as the town commemorates the 10-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.