Equality Of Privilege: A Labor Day Essay

Most folks need to work for a living, which makes Labor Day a very popular holiday indeed.

Most folks need to work — but some folks don’t have the same access to good-paying jobs that others have. In many cases, if not most, that’s not by design — it’s just the way things work.


Dear EarthTalk: I remember that medical waste, washing up in New Jersey, I believe, was a big issue in the late 1980s. Is it still today? — Walter Maliszewski, Camden, NJ

FEMA OK’s local disaster aid as Obama storms NJ

President Barack Obama comforted victims of Hurricane Irene in storm-pounded New Jersey Sunday, delivering promises of relief while Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released news that it has approved requests for disaster assistance to all counties. Accompanied by Gov. Chris…

Disappointed In Obama

Crises demand steadfast leadership and true leaders emerge from them. Today, there are too many difficulties to name and too many elected officials who are yet to step up to the plate. The national storyline is still unfolding, but one thing seems too obvious to ignore – our leader of leaders, the President, has not lived up to his billing.

O’Boyle Joins State Theatre Staff

New Brunswick — Brian O’Boyle of Cranford has been hired as the State Theatre’s director of programming, according to Mark W. Jones,  president & CEO  of the nonprofit performing arts venue. “We are thrilled to have an individual with Brian’s experience join our seasoned…

How to get disaster assistance

President Obama declared the counties of Bergen, Essex, Morris, Passaic and Somerset as disaster areas eligible for federal relief,  but state  officials are hoping for more. New Jerseyans seeking federal disaster relief should follow a three-step process outlined by the Federal Emergency…