Movie Review: “Contagion” – Spread the Word

Director Steven Soderbergh’s “Contagion” incubated a dread in me months ago when coming attractions first warned of its inevitable breakout in theaters. So it’s good I was able to vaccinate myself against that preconception in just the nick of time. Otherwise I would have been prejudiced against what is certainly not your typical disaster movie.

Travel & Parking Tips For MusicFest

UNION COUNTY – The 2011 Union County Fair at Oak Ridge Park in Clark gets underway this afternoon, featuring a full slate of carnival rides and attractions along with free MusicFest concerts each day until Sunday, Sept. 18.

Munn Won’t Quit

ELIZABETH — A lawyer representing Board President Marie Lynn Munn has denied rumors that she will resign Thursday from the the Elizabeth Board of Education seat she has held since 2007.

Obama Cut Taxes More Than Bush

If Congress passes the latest set of President Barack Obama’s proposed tax cuts, his total will rise to well more than $1.1 trillion, or nearly two percent of GDP and close to double the size of the tax cuts enacted in President George W. Bush’s first term.