Lodge Members Get A History Lesson

RAHWAY — Earlier this year, LaFayette Lodge made a donation to Merchants and Drovers Tavern Museum Association. F. Alexander Shipley accepted it on the museum’s behalf and returned the favor in April by giving a great talk to the members of the lodge on Irving Street.

State, South Amboy Swap Waterfront Property

SOUTH AMBOY – In exchange for the ownership of a waterway that belonged to South Amboy, New Jersey turned over 4.3 acres of waterfront land. The agreement also calls for a deed restriction on 9.3 acres of beach and Portia Street to ensure ongoing public access to Raritan Bay.

Protecting Public Health

Mass emergencies from natural or man-made events may occur quickly and without warning. To ensure that the county is prepared to deal with such situations, we constantly work to obtain new safety resources and updated training for our employees.