Assembly Approves Bill To Fight Criminal Impersonation Online

TRENTON – The state Assembly unanimously approved a bill to amend New Jersey’s identity theft laws to impose criminal penalties on anyone found guilty of criminal impersonation using any electronic communications or internet websites.

Two Cranbury Township Farms Permanently Preserved

CRANBURY – A 43-acre farm that produces and sells vegetables, eggs and fresh honey and a 48-acre farm that produces and sells specialty vegetables are the 66th and 67th farms preserved forever in Middlesex County through the Farmland Preservation Program.


Dear EarthTalk: I understand that, among mining’s other problems, like providing climate-warming coal and endangering miners’ lives, it is also a serious water polluter. Can you enlighten? — Richard Moeller, Salt Lake City, UT

Capacity Creatures

RAHWAY — Second grade students at Franklin School in Rahway recently learned about units of capacity. To share their knowledge, they created drawings of “capacity creatures.”

Couples Night Event Celebrates Long-Term Relationships Of People With Disabilities

UNION – It has been said that a soul mate is the one who makes life come to life. For people with disabilities, who sometimes face challenges enjoying life to its fullest potential and therefore treasure each success perhaps more dearly than people without disabilities, finding a soul mate can be their greatest triumph. Yet while people with disabilities sometimes struggle to achieve their rights to respect, independence and self-sufficiency, they usually find falling in love as natural a process as it is for everyone else in the world.