PHOTO: Clark 8th Graders’ Project Bring Geometry To Life

Theoniki Makras, Shannon Brogan, Alison Bretz, Jonah Toma, Sabrina Parin, Lauren Demille, Alex Wilson, Tabitha Starita, Erin Peters, Maria Valante; (Sitting from left to right): Brandon Martucci, John Rodrigues, Alexa Trani, and Michelle Kapelova (Photo courtesy of Clark Public Schools)

CLARK — Students in Denise Picciano’s eighth grade math class at Carl H. Kumpf Middle School in Clark brought ordinary images to life in their recently created “Motion Animation” books. During their current unit of study on 2-Dimensional Geometry, students learned how to complete transformations of images on a coordinate grid by applying translations, rotations, and reflections.

Metuchen Teachers Honored

METUCHEN — The Metuchen Board of Education, at the Sept. 24 meeting, honored teachers and administrators who have been selected to present innovative programs as part of the Curriculum Fair at Workshop 2012, sponsored by New Jersey School Boards Association.