Mom Says Accused Passed Polygraph

NEW BRUNSWICK — The mother of a former high-ranking official, who became the seventh New Brunswick Parking authority staffer charged with theft after it was discovered that more than $100,000 in parking fees went missing, has responded to her son’s indictment by releasing a polygraph report suggesting his innocence.

Identity Ecosystem: Big Brother Logs On

As business transactions and social interactions migrate from the streets and stores to cyberspace, government and corporate officials are clamoring to exercise control over the internet, which has become the bastion of democracy, anonymity and populism. Facebook’s facial recognition technology, corporate opposition to Net Neutrality legislation, and data retention mandates by Congress are all efforts to put the internet under strict government and corporate control.

Start Your Student Loan Search Now

If you’ve got a high school senior, your household is probably knee-deep in senior-year activities – and expenses. Not to elevate your stress level, but this is probably a good time for you and your kid to start investigating how you’re going to finance college next fall. Seriously.