The Citizen Is Back!

SOUTH AMBOY — Ten years ago, the local newspaper that had served South Amboy and Sayreville since 1882 was combined with the Perth Amboy Gazette and the Atom Tabloid, but local readers have been seeking a return to the homespun news and information style of yore.

Xanadu Under Investigation

STATE — Federal investigators have issued a subpoena to the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority (NJSEA) seeking records dating back to 2002 concerning political endorsements by local, county and state officials supporting the stalled Xanadu project.

Christie’s Tea Party Appeal Is Costly

New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie proposed cutting the state’s top income rate by one third as he forces municipalities and schools to come up with larger contributions for public employee pensions and slashes state aid to those same jurisdiction, both prescriptions for higher property taxes.