Middlesex Students Help Clean Beach

LAURENCE HARBOR — About 60 Middlesex County College students volunteered to clean the Laurence Harbor Waterfront Park Oct. 22. The program was organized by Clean Ocean Action, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the quality of marine waters off the New Jersey and New York coasts.

The Vampire: A Historic and Cinematic View

Halloween is associated with many strange creatures, but none more so than the vampire. To most people, the vampire is nothing more than a mythic monster popularized in movies, television, books and so on. Yet the vampire, an amalgamation of ancient lore woven through with sex, fear, danger and gore, is no mere Hollywood creation.


Dear EarthTalk: Some drycleaners I’ve seen offer “wet cleaning” as opposed to dry cleaning. What’s the difference? Is it better for the environment? — Elizabeth Connelly, Tampa, FL

Rain Location Announced For Perth Amboy Halloween Parade

PERTH AMBOY — On Saturday, Oct. 29, city residents are invited to take part in Perth Amboy’s Halloween parade and costume contest. There will be separate prizes for children and adults with the scariest, prettiest and funniest Halloween costumes. Costume pre-judging will take place at the train station at 11 a.m.