Remembering The Past: Woodbridge Clay Pits

WOODBRIDGE-Memories from Ed Wilson after seeing a 2009 column of mine:

“Diane, I was born in 1944 and grew up in Woodbridge, having lived there until 1962. We lived on North Park Drive, where the pond is located (part of Heards Brook.) It drew dozens for fishing in the warm weather.

Car Show Raises Money For Jason’s Friends

CLARK – Jason’s Friends Foundation, Inc. is holding its inaugural car show on Sunday, Sept. 25. The event will be held at the Clark Community Pool on Oak Ridge Road. In addition to classic cars, there will be food, drinks, prizes, music and vendors.

“Our Idiot Brother”- Crazy Like a Fox

More apt but less sensational and doubtlessly harder to fit on a marquee, director Jesse Peretz’s “Our Idiot Brother,” starring Paul Rudd as the supposed nitwit, should be titled “Our Idealistic but Somewhat Overtrusting and Occasionally Foolish Brother.”