Spice Up Life With Good Health, Says TOPS

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. – Spices and herbs can give a boost of flavor to any meal, but they also have health benefits. With increasing interest in “functional food,” herbs and spices have been receiving greater attention for their potential to decrease inflammation, reduce the risk of cancer, fight heart disease, and more.

Six Flags Great Adventure Exposes The Local Talent Behind The Terror Of Fright Fest

JACKSON – Colorful characters define Six Flags Great Adventure’s Fright Fest. Among more than 150 witches, blood-thirsty vampires, murderous barbers, chainsaw wielders, mental patients, deranged doctors, mutant hillbillies and dancing zombies, several outrageous personalities and the masterminds behind them bring something unique to Fright Fest that cannot be found at any local hayride or corn maze. Fright Fest has helped turn these everyday New Jerseyans into icons of terror.

Medical Center To Hold Free Kidney Transplant Patient Symposium

LIVINGSTON – Kidney transplantation is considered the best long-term treatment option for patients with chronic kidney disease who are either on or approaching dialysis. The Renal and Pancreas Transplant Program at Saint Barnabas Medical Center invites those who wish to learn more about transplantation to attend a free patient symposium on Nov. 14.