Fiscal Flows Explained

STATE — A new Rutgers Regional Report examined the state county-by-county as of the fiscal year that ended in mid-2010, and found “a significant redistribution of resources” from affluent areas to those of low and moderate means.

Delgado & Diaz Dominate Debate

PERTH AMBOY – Billy Delgado’s genuine concern for people, specific plans to revitalize the economy and decades of experience showed. Incumbent Mayor Wilda Diaz’s lack of readiness was painfully apparent. Robert McCoy, Miguel Morales, Frank Salado, and Sharon Hubberman seemed content to watch the principle contenders battle for undecided voters.

Diaz Supporting Segregation

Rev. R. Lenton Buffalo Jr. and U.S. Senator Robert Menendez are fighting for affordable housing and against racial discrimination but their efforts are jeopardized by actions taken by Mayor Wilda Diaz and Republican Gov. Chris Christie

PERTH AMBOY — Civil rights advocates are routing against Mayor Wilda Diaz in the upcoming election because she joined Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s effort to abolish the state’s affordable housing effort, which would have hurt both the poor and middle class and thrust New Jersey back to the dark days before segregation was outlawed.