ANALYSIS: Jokes From Justice Scalia Mask Grim Reality Of American Health Care


Since Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia clearly isn’t going to take the time to actually read the health care reform law before he decides whether or not it’s constitutional, maybe he and a couple of his buddies on the High Court can catch a screening of “The Hunger Games”, the movie about children battling each other to the death in a futuristic America, renamed Panem.

U.S. Deal With Europeans Limits Risk Of Illicit Nuclear Bombs


In Seoul last week President Obama announced a major new deal with Belgium, France and the Netherlands to reduce the amount of highly-enriched uranium used to create medical isotopes. Under the new deal, the three countries will soon start making isotopes only from low-enriched uranium — the much safer nuclear material that isn’t useful for terrorists or rogue nations looking for a quick way to damage a city by exploding a dangerous bomb.

FedEx Fails To Deliver For Drivers


Gary Terrio used to work for himself driving lost luggage from the airport in Manchester, N.H., out to the owners’ homes. “Working with my own business I could deliver whatever I wanted,” he says. “If it was something that was ridiculous, I could say no.”

Library Presents “A Celebration Of Trees” Event

LINDEN — The Linden Public Library and 4-H Master Tree Stewards of Union County present “A Celebration of Trees” at the library on April 28, from 2 – 4:30 p.m. The program will include tree story reading, leaf rubbing, tree games, oil touch drawing, and estimating the age of trees.