Writer’s Block: Can There Really Be Peace On Earth?

There has been considerable debate recently about President Obama’s follow through on a pledge to bring our troops home from Iraq by the end of this year. Critics, however, argue that leaving a vulnerable country at this time sets the stage for a takeover by extremists that threaten peace in that region.

Trudi’s Corner: Safety & Courtesy

It would seem, no matter how many warnings or laws are passed in reference to cell phone texting while driving, some people will continue to do as they please. Do these offenders think the laws are for everyone else but never them?

Remembering The Past: Merry Christmas

PERTH AMBOY-Back in the day, when Tarloski’s Pharmacy was on the corner of State St. and Fayette St., Rose Tarloski Celecki would decorate the store’s window. There would be a Christmas tree, gift-wrapped boxes and the gift sets they were selling for Christmas gifts.