A Battlefield Internet?

An Army strategist, John Arquilla, who in the early ’90s worked at the California think tank RAND, was one of the first to imagine a “cyberwar” force that would feature widely-spread, small groups of soldiers equipped with the latest sensors and communications technology.

IRS Tax Tip: Ten Tips to Help You Choose a Tax Preparer

Many people look for help from professionals when it’s time to file their tax return. If you use a paid tax preparer to file your return this year, the IRS urges you to choose that preparer wisely. Even if a return is prepared by someone else, the taxpayer is legally responsible for what’s on it. So, it’s very important to choose your tax preparer carefully.

Journal Journalists Join

ELIZABETH — Reporters, editors and other alumni of the Elizabeth Daily Journal joined for dinner Saturday at Tapas of Spain, a restaurant near the Bayway Circle for a reunion commemorating the 20th anniversary of the newspaper’s demise.