Aggressive Measures Need To Protect Kids’ Health

We have waited long enough for the food industry to voluntarily develop standards to reduce the marketing of unhealthy foods to children. While the proposed uniform standards recently announced by several food companies are a step in the right direction, they do not go far enough to have a significant impact on limiting the types of unhealthy foods marketed to children.

Ten Ways To Unleash Your Creativity

Creativity is our birthright. This is not just for some people; it’s for everyone. We often get stuck in our routine, and when we even bother to think about that gazpacho recipe we want to try, or that book we plan to write “some day”, we tend to find excuses that prevent us from taking the first step.

Morning Train Derailment Limits Evening Rush Hour Service

NEWARK — NJ Transit will operate limited service on the Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast line this evening, and will continue to route Midtown Direct trains to and from Hoboken Terminal, following a minor train derailment in New York Penn Station this morning.