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FTC Cracks Down On Con Artists Who Target Jobless Americans

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Federal Trade Commission announced a new crackdown on con artists who are preying on unemployed Americans with job-placement and work-at-home scams, promoting empty promises that they can help people get jobs in the federal government, as movie extras, or as mystery shoppers; or make money working from their homes stuffing envelopes or assembling ornaments.

A New American Century

By James Devine With the host of problems facing our people and our planet, many have announced the decline of America but I find fault with those doom-sayers. Americans are people among whom the world has found its best. Thomas Jefferson,…

Bill Extending Drug-Free Zones Passes Assembly

STATE—The Assembly has passed legislation Assembly Assistant Majority Leader John S. Wisniewski and Assemblyman Willis Edwards III sponsored to extend the drug-free school zones concept to publicly assisted housing. The measure (A-378) would amend the state law authorizing drug-free zones…