State News

New Jesey Exports Few Crime Guns

WASHINGTON, D.C. – States with weak gun laws supply guns to criminals in other states at a rate five times higher than dealers in states with stronger gun laws, according to a Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence analysis of newly released crime gun trace data. New Jersey’s strong gun laws, on the other hand, mean the state has the lowest rate of crime guns exported other than Hawaii.

Lawmakers Unveil Legislation To Protect Personal Information

TRENTON – Senator Bob Smith and Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein unveiled legislation on Tuesday intended to combat identity theft by requiring the hard drives of all digital copy machines to be wiped clean in order to protect sensitive, personal information, which is stored on each machine, in some cases in perpetuity, unbeknownst to millions of consumers.

DEP Proposes New Public Access Rules For State’s Beaches And Waterways

TRENTON – The state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will create reasonable new rules on public access to the state’s tidal waters, which include the ocean and rivers, with the goal of enhancing access while eliminating burdensome and costly access rules for local governments, businesses and property owners, Commissioner Bob Martin announced Tuesday.