State News

Sussex Republican Pushing For State Spending Cap

TRENTON — State Senator Steve Oroho (R-Sussex) introduced legislation last week that would cap state spending increases at two percent annually. This legislation comes on the heels of the two percent property tax cap passed by the Senate.

Census Moves Into Verification Phase

STATE — As census takers across the nation finish the 2010 Census door-to-door follow-up operation, the U.S. Census Bureau has entered the quality assurance phase, where select households around the country will be contacted by a census worker.

DEP Orders Cleanup Of Harmful Pesticides Used By Newark Firm To Treat Bedbugs

TRENTON — An investigation by the Department of Environmental Protection has revealed that a Newark-based company, TVF Pest Control, used chemicals not appropriate for indoor use in 70 residences and apartments, mostly in Essex, Hudson and Union counties, since October in spraying for bedbugs and other insects, the Department announced Friday.

Senators Push Christie To Restore Women’s Health Funding

TRENTON – At a news conference at the Statehouse yesterday, senators who supported S-2139 – legislation which would restore $7.5 million in funding cut from the FY 2011 Budget for women’s health and family planning services – urged the Governor to act on the legislation and stand up for access to basic health care for women in New Jersey.