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NJ Schedules Hearing On Permanent “Bath Salts” Drug Ban

NEWARK – A public hearing will be held Monday, July 11, as a necessary step to make New Jersey’s ban on designer drugs labeled as “bath salts” permanent, according to Thomas R. Calcagni, acting director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.

NJ OEM Urges Residents To Be Wary Of Potential Flooding

WEST TRENTON–The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management is urging state residents to monitor weather conditions over the next several days. A slow-moving, low-pressure system is expected to generate large amounts of rainfall in some areas, particularly in the northern part of the state. The heaviest rainfall is expected tonight into Wednesday. Flooding could continue in some areas through Friday.

NJ Officials Remind Students To Stay Safe & Sober During Prom And Graduation Seasons

TRENTON — As part of an ongoing campaign by New Jersey’s Divisions of Alcoholic Beverage Control and Highway Traffic Safety, New Jersey officials today reminded students that prom and graduation seasons are meant to be enjoyed while staying safe and sober.

NJ Voters Like Obama; Don’t Want Christie To Run For President

POMONA – Nearly two-thirds of likely New Jersey voters have a favorable or somewhat favorable view of President Barack Obama, according to a Stockton/Zogby poll commissioned by the William J. Hughes Center of Public Policy at Stockton College.