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Assembly Republicans To Draft Legislation In Response To Casey Anthony Case

TRENTON – Three Assembly Republicans are drafting legislation in response to the outcome of a high-profile Florida court case in which Casey Anthony was acquitted yesterday of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee.

NJ Legislature Bans Fracking, Supports RGGI

TRENTON – The state Legislature handed environmentalists two victories last week by banning a controversial natural gas drilling technique and affirming support for New Jersey’s participation in a regional program designed to reduce the production of greenhouse gases.

NJ Senate Approves Bill To Expand Oversight, Regulation Of One-Room Surgical Practices

TRENTON – The state Senate approved a bill last week that would require one-room surgical practices to conform to the same level of oversight and regulation reserved for larger facilities by a vote of 30-8.

Bill To Expand NJ’s DNA Database Headed To Governor

TRENTON – The Assembly passed a bill that would require individuals arrested on suspicion of most violent crimes to contribute samples to New Jersey’s DNA database by a vote of 67-4-7 last week. The bill now goes to the governor for his consideration.

Christie Uses Line Item Veto To Slash Budget

TRENTON – Gov. Chris Christie used his line item veto to remove $900 million in spending from the budget that the Democrat-controlled Legislature passed Wednesday, resulting in a $29.7 billion spending plan for the fiscal year that begins today.