Category: State News

NJ DEP Adopts Updated Threatened And Endangered Species List

TRENTON – The Department of Environmental Protection this week adopted revisions to its list of threatened and endangered species, upgrading the status of several species such as the bald eagle and the Cooper’s hawk to reflect improvements in their populations and adding new species to the list such as the red knot and American kestrel to reflect concerns about declines.

AG Announces $469,500 Mortgage Fraud Trial Decision

TRENTON – The state has won a $469,500 trial decision against two corporate defendants and two individuals accused in a lawsuit of defrauding financially struggling homeowners through a variety of deceptive mortgage foreclosure “rescue” practices, Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa announced today.

Americans Have Unfavorable Impression Of Garden State

RALEIGH, N.C. – While Americans generally have a favorable view of most states, they don’t think well of New Jersey. According to the results of a surveys by Public Policy Polling, 32 percent of American voters had an unfavorable impression of New Jersey, compared to just 25 percent who had a positive impression.