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NJ Issues “Best Practice” Recommendations For Pharmacy Security

NEWARK – As part of Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa’s multi-tiered strategy to fight the growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse, and following an extensive dialogue with representatives of the pharmacy industry and law enforcement, the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and State Board of Pharmacy today published a fully modern set of “Best Practices for Pharmacy Security” to help prevent drug theft and diversion at retail pharmacies.

NJ Couple Arrested, Charged With Abusing Their Children In Cruel “Training” Program

NEWARK – A U.S. Army major surrendered to federal agents following his wife’s arrest at their Mount Holly home this morning on charges that they abused their children through neglectful and cruel acts, including by breaking their bones, denying them medical attention, withholding water and force-feeding them hot sauce, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.

Sanders would break up big banks

Sen. Bernie Sanders proposed legislation that would break up the big banks and financial institutions that crashed the economy. The ending of ‘too big to fail’ would also open the door to criminal prosecutions of corporate criminals who have up…