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Trudi’s Corner: About The Movies

Some time ago, I wrote a column about the kinds of movies that are being shown. I just decided that it was time to take another look. I positively cannot reason why people will pay the kind of money for what’s being shown, according to the reviews I have read.

Trudi’s Corner: Made In The USA

Isn’t it amazing? People are finally beginning to wake up to the fact that “Made in America” is the way to go. It took the Olympic outfits “Made in China” to realize that we do have the knowledge and ability to get employment for many back on track.

Trudi’s Corner: Annoying Phone Calls

How many of you are getting ridiculous and what I would consider unnecessary telephone calls and solicitations? Do you remember the toll-free number you were able to call, to have your number put on a no-call list? I have no idea how long that is in effect, or if it is O.K. now, or you may again be receiving calls you do not want.

Trudi’s Corner

Many times, when reading the paper or watching TV, a particular item will catch my attention and I will make a note of it. I do this with the intention of possibly writing about it for a future column, and I try to do it in a positive way that people may take the hint, and possibly improve a situation for the benefit of people in general.

Trudi’s Corner

Not too long ago, I had written about Gov. Christie’s plan to help returning veterans and the problems they are facing, including homelessness. I have no idea how things are progressing, and hopefully it hasn’t fallen by the wayside.

Trudi’s Corner

I am absolutely not interested in the outcome and results of the elections being held, as to the outcome of the one who may be the next presidential candidate. The elections being held are not in my area. Just imagine what it’s going to be next year, with the die-hard Republicans and die-hard Democrats.