The State We’re In

The State We’re In: Palisades Cliffs Make International Endangered List

Michele Byers

Which one doesn’t fit: The Palisades cliffs above the Hudson River, the City of Venice, the Sierra de Moeda mountains in Brazil, the island of Mozambique, rock cliffs in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, or a green oasis in the heart of developed Singapore? The answer is … they all fit!

The State We’re In: Get Outdoors – There’s An App For That!

Any time is a good time to explore New Jersey’s great outdoors … and fall is especially glorious. If you want to find out where to hike, bike, paddle, fish, bird-watch, hunt or visit historic sites, check your phone!

The State We’re In: “Smarter” Than The Storm Is Better For New Jersey

“Stronger than the storm” implies that we can somehow beat Mother Nature through our superior strength and resolve. But as those who have survived natural catastrophes like hurricanes, tornadoes, and tsunamis have come to realize, being “stronger” is impossible.

The State We’re In: Don’t Treat Prime Soil Like Dirt!

Under the New Jersey Farmland Preservation Program, farmers retain ownership of their land but sell and permanently extinguish the development rights. The land can be used to grow crops – but no longer houses or strip malls.